Sunday 21 February 2010

Tea Tea Everywhere - Teaopia Mad Hatter Tea Party

I have been planning on writing a series of posts about tea for a while now. I have done my research started writing but keep getting busy with other stuff. But Teaopia current has a cross promotion with Tim Burton's new Alice In Wonderland film. So I thought I would start the ball rolling. At work there are a number of us who love loose-leaf tea. I have a shelf full of it behind my desk. I also stock even more kinds at home. At work we almost have a tea party every day, and whenever one of us finds a particularly good new tea we share it around the office. So without further ado here are some photos of my teas at both work and home.

The articles I plan on writing in my tea series are:

0. Tea Tea Everywhere - Teaopia Mad Hatter Tea Party
1. Tea an Overview
2. Red Teas
3. Green Teas
4. White Teas
5. Black Teas
6. Matcha Tea
7. Yerba Mate
8. Fruit Blends
9. Wellness Blends
10. Herbal Teas
11. Purveyors of Fine Tea (my preferences.)
12. Custom Blending
13. My Favourite Teas
Top Ten Teas of 2010

In each piece I will outline the benefits of that type of tea and highlight some of my favourites. So keep an eye out for a week of tea coming your way soon.

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skylark said...

Found your blog through the Teaopia FB group. Love your display of teas! I've recently discovered Teaopia and I too proudly display my teas (don't have that many yet).