Friday 17 July 2009

Labels - Clouds and Fun

I have been working on adding labels to my posts, I have been thinking about it for a while but have just not got around to it. Last week I finally started. I was hoping to get a label cloud going but I can not seem to get it working on a self-hosted blog. I did find a site called Wordle that will read your feed or article and create a cloud based upon it. Here are some images of my cloud.

The in no particular order are:

Nine Lives Almost Last Many Impact Blog Every Keep Just For Read Toronto Need Rereads Go 2004-06-13 Column Palahniuk 15-20 Reviews Editions Exchange Take Collection Covers One First Donation Part Donate Someone Heroes Save Weeks Material Months Third Various People Used Published Pack Better Donors Madelein Become Days Favorite Networking Geek Written Directly Fight Works Managed Readings Donations Series ISBN Finally Asked List Books Day Start LAN Able Whole Web Exam Life I Publisher Club Time Course Tracked Certification Half Get Also Made Even Imprint Different Revisit Track Like Received Times Signed Now Edition Back Amount Author Donating Often Life Lists Since Authors Find Know Ages Order Never Server Program Prepare Kathy Needed Sometimes Reread Help Seven Story Year Two Small Reached Real Love Released Novel Much Money Blood Canadian Three Old L'Engle Form Book Prior Gone Six Hero Short Wolf Yet Shaidle Classic Still Chuck Number Must

(Check out the Label Cloud to your left.)

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