Sunday 9 November 2008

Kenny & The Dragon by: Tony DiTerlizzi

Kenny & The Dragon
Tony DiTerlizzi
Simon & Schuster

ISBN 9781416939771

This book is both written and illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi. This is a fantastic story of a young bibliophile named Kenny. Kenny has always felt a little on the outside - he loves books, and his pursuit of knowledge is almost relentless. At school when he has to do presentations the other students become bored and have even fallen asleep. Then his life changes drastically for his father finds a dragon in his pastures on their farm property. Ke
nny goes to investigate.

Kenny's only close friend in town is a retiree named George who owns a bookshop in town. It was from
George's shop that he has borrowed a book called The King's Royal Bestiary. This book had a section on dragons so Kenny took it with him when he went to investigate the dragon his father found. The dragon was not at all what he expected. First the dragon's name is Grahame, and Grahame loves books, poetry music and dessert.

Kenny wants George and Grahame to meet but something gets in the way. The town finds out about the dragon, and The King has commissioned his champion to kill the beast. Kenny must find a way to save his friend.

This is a great adventure. Kenny is a smart young boy who loves books. He also loves adventure and he faces a battle. DiTerlizzi has created a wonderful story. It would be nice to meet Kenny again in further adventures.

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