Tuesday 27 May 2008

Meme: Alphabet

Ebeth from A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars tagged me and I am glad to have a diversion, I am thinking too much about my son's health and future.!

The theme for this meme is that using the 26 letters of the alphabet you will express who you are, what you do, your interests, what matters to you etc….and you have to write it within 26 minutes…I haven't seen this anywhere, though I'm sure it's so obvious an idea that other bloggers have done it before!...

A: Academic, adaptable, adventurous, affectionate, aggressive, alert, ambitious, artistic, assertive,

B: Bibliophile, bold, brave,

C: Capable, caring, casual, clean, clear-thinking, clever, competent, composed, conservative, cool, courteous, creative, curious,

D: Determined, daring, dedicated, deliberate,

E: Efficient, ethical,

F: Faithful, firm, flexible, forceful, formal, frank, factual,

G: Geek, generous,

H: Healthy, helpful, honest, hotheaded,

I: Imaginative, independent, individualistic, industrious, intellectual, intelligent, intense, interesting, inventive,

J: Journaler, JeSTeR, Joke,

K: Kind,

L: Learner, leadership, leisurely, light-hearted, likable, lively, logical, loving, lovable, loyal,

M: Masculine, mature, methodical, meticulous, mild, moderate,

N: Natural, neat-freak,

O: Organized, original,

P: Perfectionist, painstaking, patient, powerful, practical, precise, professional, purposeful,

Q: Quick,

R: Roman Catholic, rational, realistic, reflective, reliable, religious, reserved, resilient, resourceful, responsible, rocker,

S: Student, serious, sharp-witted, sincere, sociable, spiritual, steady, stimulating, strong, strong-minded, studious, supportive,

T: Tenacious, teachable, thorough, thoughtful, tough, trusting, trustworthy,

U: Unexcitable, unique,

V: Versatile,

W: Writer, wise,

X: Xeric

Y: Yearner (Defn #1)

Z: Zany,

I waited a few days to do this when I could think straight, but I
cheated, I went and found some list of adjectives from these two sites Adjective Check List and Adjective Alphabetical Lists and grabbed from them. Then I removed the one's that did not apply. The one's I came up with myself are in blue, but I prefer my short for MCWPP Mad Celtic Warrior Poet Priest!

I tag no one in particular but would be interested in seeing answers from Davenport, Tim's and Steven Brust. If you want to join in please feel free to play.

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