Saturday 26 January 2008

Inner Geek - On My Way

Well I am on my way, I did a condensed school program and in 4 months did a 2 year college degree. I have now written all my certs for that and then some. I am focusing on CompTIA and Microsoft certifications at the moment.
In the last 15 days I wrote:

MCTS Deploying & Maintaining Vista Client Office System - Exam 070-624
MCITP Desktop Support Consumer Support - 070-623
CompTIA Network+ 2007 - JK0-012 JK0-010
MCTS Windows Vista Client Configuaration - Exam 072-620 & 070-622
MCITP Desktop Support - Exam 072-622

CompTIA A+ Depot Technician - Exam 220-602
CompTIA A+ Remote Support Technician - Exam 220-603

CompTIA A+ IT Technician - Exam JK0-601 220-602
CompTIA A+ Essentials - Exam JK0-601

And last summer I did all 5 Microsoft Office Specialist exams. These exams give me a number of designations outlined in this post "Inner Geek Validated" which was a continuation of "Unleashing the Inner Geek" and "Microsoft Office Specialist" I plan on doing the following through self-study 1 course a month for the next year and a bit.

70-292 - Completes MCSA
70-294 - Completes MCSE

SY0-101 - Security+
MOE Excell
MOE Word (Will Give me Microsoft Office Master/Master Instructor With Registration)

XK0-002 Linux+

Should be a fun ride. After that I want to do the intro MAC Hardware and Software Certs just for fun. This is a picture of the schedule I have set up.
So just to let you know a lot of the books being reviewed over the next year will be geek speak!

Peace and Strength!
Yours, learning to be
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