Saturday 27 January 2007

Wild At Heart Multi-Media Facilitator's Kit by: John Eldredge

Wild At Heart Multi-Media Facilitator's Kit:
A Band of Brothers (DVD)
John Eldredge
Thomas Nelson
ISBN-10: 1400200865
ISBN-13: 9781400200863

This is an excellent study series for a group of men. The one drawback of the DVD curriculum is that it does not follow the book exactly, and with 12 chapters in the book and field manual that follow each other exactly, and 8 in the DVD, is doesn't seem weighted evenly. Yet even with that against it, this is an awesome series.

I first worked through this series by myself, then with one close friend - a pastor I know. Then both he and I led different groups through it: I a small group at my home, and he with the men in his church on Sunday evenings. Later he and I jointly did a weekend retreat to refresh the material for his men before they launched into some other material.

These DVDs will show you a group of men, John Eldredge and the Ransomed Heart Ministry Team, working through each of the issues raised in the book and having some frank discussions on camera, and some fun in the wilderness, as they work through these issues.

This facilitator's kit comes with the DVDs, posters to promote your event, invitations to use in smaller settings, and a manual. The manual goes through each week and suggests movie clips to start with, or music to use while gathering. It is a great resource and will help you get the most out of the book and field manual.

I would advise you not to try to use this without the men having the book and field manual, because it will be frustrating and will severely limit how much you can get out of the material. It is really designed for, and functions best as, a group study.

The DVDs are well done and very professional, the gag reel is hilarious, and some of the outtakes will have you on the floor laughing. It is not all super serious; there is a lot of fun as these men bonded further while filming this. Watch them launch their cell phones with a skeet shooter and shoot them out of the sky.

This tool will help you become a better man, husband, father, and son. Worth the time, effort, and money.

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