Wednesday 30 August 2006

4 Resources

I want to make known to you a few resources on the net that you might find helpful. Two are author websites that have lots of articles, or audio or other files and downloads that supplement their book. One is a website that makes Christian books and talks available in CD and MP3 formats. And one is the best bible software I have ever use.

Peter Kreeft

Peter Kreeft is a catholic and Christian apologist. He has written such a wide range of books is sought out as a preeminent thinker in these areas. His site has over 3 lectures you can download and listen to, and hundreds of articles to read.

James B. Stenson - Parent Leadership

James B. Stenson is an educator, write and speaker. He has written extensively on parenting and specifically on fatherhood. His books that I have read are excellent and he has many articles and papers available for download on his site.

R.B. Media, Inc.

R.B. Media, Inc. is the project and brainchild or author and speaker Mary Ann Budnik. She has been coordinating and distributing Christian classics in audio formats for years. She has been converting audio books to MP3 books and the list of resources available on her site is impressive.

e-Sword Bible Software

e-Sword is the single best electronic bile I have ever had for the computer. Free to download and lots of add on’s for free also. Some of the specific translations have a fee. Yet you can download Josephus, Philo, Bible Maps, Green NT … all for free. Easy to use and configure. Great for comparing translations, an excellent resource.

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