Saturday 25 March 2006

A Day With A Perfect Stranger by: David Gregory

A Day With A Perfect Stranger
David Gregory
WaterBrook Press
July 2006
109 pages

This follow-up to the immensely popular Dinner with a Perfect Stranger continues shortly after the first book. In ‘Dinner’, Nick, a workaholic husband, receives an invitation to dinner with Jesus. At first he believes it is a prank from his co-workers, yet decides to see what their plan is. He goes for the dinner, and actually meets Jesus, or J-man. He learns that Jesus hates religion and loves relationship. So Nick has started reading his bible and going to bible study.

Yet all these changes in Nick are not well received. His wife Mattie did not want to be married to a religious nut; she could handle his not being around if he was at work, but now he is over the top. She is even thinking of divorce. She has to travel with work and is looking forward to a few days away from Nick and his bible.

While on the plane, she meets two men, one who bible thumps her and another one, Jay, who is in business with his father and is a counselor. She and Jay end up talking most of the fight. Then they have coffee in the airport during a layover. They then end up on a second flight together.

Through her conversations with Jay she begins to question her perceptions of reality, god, religion and life in general.

The book aims to show you what a day with Jesus would be like if he were to appear and spend time with you one-on-one. Gregory challenges us to view faith not as religion, but as a relationship with a person. It is a great little book either for yourself, or as a gift for others.

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