Thursday 1 December 2005

Racism & Anti-Racism

Infected Chrisianity: A Study of Modern Racism
Alan Davis
McGill-Queen's University Press

A few weeks ago I mentioned reading trends, while I find
myself in yet another one. I finished my course for the term yesterday, RS100L the History of Evil. In it I encountered again and again writings on racism. One of the books recommended by the Professor was Infected Christianity: A Study in Modern Racism by Alan Davies so I tracked down a copy of it and have been reading it. All I can say is WOW, this book will blow your socks off.

The Skull Measurer’s Mistake
Sven Lindqvist
Translated by Joan Tate
The New Press
182 pages

I have also over
the last few years been reading a Swedish author in Translation Sven Lindqvist, I have now read a number of his books and just finished today The Skull Measurer's Mistake: And Other Portraits of Men and Women Who Spoke Out Against Racism It is an amazing history of those who spoke out against racism. From 1764-1899 is a journey around the world, and the stories of those who spook out again racism. Both are books that will challenge the heart of a person to think differently.

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