Monday 10 October 2005

Orphan's Destiny by: Robert Buettner

Orphan’s Destiny
Robert Buettner
Warner Books
October 4th 2005

Back to war. After we left our hero Jason Wander at the end of Orphanage, we believed that we were free from the slugs. Wander was one of the few who doubted it. It took him over two years to return to earth and the earth was in sad shape.

The destruction that had been so devastating before he left, was now even worse. After almost 2 years of near nuclear winter, vegetation and animals were struggling to survive the climate change and it would be years before the atmospheric dust cleared itself up.

Orphan has a new Military mission to convince the media and the population that the threat is over and that money should be spent on rebuilding the world, not military spending. The problem is, he is not sure he believes it. Like many veterans, he struggles with guilt: why did he survive and so many others did not? Why did he bury his love and his friends so far from home?

Then his worst fears are confirmed: there is an attack that takes out earth’s only military spaceport. He must once again do the impossible, and lead a small band of determined men and women back to space for a last-ditch effort to save earth from a fleet of 121 ships larger than any we have, and 1 ship the size of a city.

Read Orphan's Destiny and see if Wander can pull off a miracle a second time, or will humanity lose all hope.

(First Published in Imprint 2005-09-23 as 'Return of Killer Slugs')

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Orphanage by: Robert Buettner - Original Cover

Orphanage by: Robert Buettner - Reprint Cover

Orphan's Destiny by: Robert Buettner - Original Cover

Orphan's Destiny by: Robert Buettner - Reprint Cover

Orphan's Journey by: Robert Buettner

Orphan's Alliance by: Robert Buettner

Orphan's Triumph by: Robert Buettner

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