Monday, 20 November 2017

Motherhood isn't for Sissies

Motherhood isn't for Sissies

My wife wrote this earlier today. I share it here with her permission. 

"A friend said to me recently that Motherhood isn't for Sissies. Man, was she right. Motherhood is taking your child to a specialist appointment out of town at a terrible time of day, only to get news you don't want to hear. Motherhood is hiding your tears so that your child doesn't also get upset. Motherhood is driving home again in heavy traffic while your child throws up in the back. Motherhood is trying to tell your child that the paper bag they just threw up into is going to burst all over them. Motherhood is trying to get your soiled child out of their pants and into another seat while driving down a busy highway (o.k. traffic was basically stopped, but still). Motherhood is getting your sweater off so that your pantless child behind you can stay warm while you drive home with the windows down in 6 degree weather. Motherhood is not getting upset at having to clean the soiled car so that your child will not feel worse than they already do. Motherhood is summoning the ability to be interested in your other children when your brain just wants to shut down for a few minutes. Motherhood is beautiful, difficult, rewarding, exhausting and it is not for Sissies."

Sunday, 19 November 2017

DOCAT: Catholic Social Teaching for Youth - YOUCAT

DOCAT: Catholic Social Teaching for Youth
Bernhard Meuser (Editor)
Ignatius Press
ISBN 9781621640493
eISBN 9781681497051
ASIN B01M10336X

This past year I decided to read through the Catechism in a year. And I ended up ahead of schedule, so when I finished the Catechism of the Catholic Church, I moved on to The Compendium to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. So I decided to read DOCAT: Catholic Social Teaching for Youth and I really enjoyed it. In fact I enjoyed it so much I am now reading YOUCAT: The Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church. But back to DOCAT: Catholic Social Teaching for Youth.

Like many other Catechisms this one is in the question and answer format. The subtitle of this book is ‘What to do?’ It focuses on the social teachings of the Catholic Church. There are four symbols in the book. A Bible which highlights passages from the bible. Quotations which highlights specific meanings in the church. A Picture of a church which contains magisterial teachings. And an Exclamation Mark where words are defined or explained. There are also three colored arrows blue for the Compendium of Social Doctrine, grey for the Catechism, and Yellow for quotes from YOUCAT.

Each chapter has a number of points the questions and answers, And then there are a number of quotes from church documents to highlight those teachings. The chapters in the book are:

1 God’s Master Plan: Love 1-21
2 Together We Are Strong: The Church’s Social Mission 22-6
3 Unique and Infinitely Valuable: The Human Person 47-83
4 The Common Good, Personhood, Solidarity, Subsidiarity: The Principles of the Church’s Social Teaching 84-111
5 The Foundation of Society: The Family 112-133
6 Occupation and Vocation: Human Work 134-157
7 Welfare and Justice for All: Economic Life 158-194
8 Power and Morality: The Political Community 195-228
9 One World, One Humanity: The International Community 229-255
10 Safeguarding Creation: The Environment 256-269
11 Living in Freedom from Violence: Peace 270-304
12 Personal and Societal Commitment: Love in Action 305-328

Though this book is written for youth and young adults, I found it well worth the time and effort to read it. The social teachings of the Catholic Church have been a growing focus for a long time now. In this book you will get a concise clear picture of those teachings, and though the quotes from church documents see some of their progression and refinement over time. This is the first book from the YOUCAT series that I have read but I know I will be reading many more. And in fact I cannot wait for the last few to be available in English in North America.

A great read, informative and challenging. This book was so good that before I even finished it I had picked up YOUCAT and the YOUCAT Bible to have to read as soon as I finished this one. It is a wonderfully informative book and part of what looks like an incredible series!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

Books from YOUCAT:
YOUCAT: The Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church
YOUCAT: Study Guide
YOUCAT: Youth Prayer Book
YOUCAT: Confirmation Book: Student Book
YOUCAT: Confession Book
DOCAT: Catholic Social Teaching for Youth
DOCAT Study Guide: What to Do?

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Some Days

Some days ...

...no matter how much goes on you can only smile, be thankful, and pray.
Today was one of those days.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Holy Desperation: Praying as If Your Life Depends on It - Heather King

Holy Desperation: Praying as If Your Life Depends on It
Heather King
Loyola Press
ISBN 9780829445145

The title of this book ‘Holy Desperation’, grab my attention immediately. Also the subtitle of the book ‘Praying as If Your Life Depends on It’ spoke to me. There have been times where all that has kept me going is prayer; even times when my faith was a struggle, prayer got me through some really tough times. So I dove in with great anticipation. But the book was not quite what I expected. But the book was not as what I expected it to be. The book was far more autobiography, and about service, reaching out and going beyond your comfort zone than it was a guide to praying especially in hard times. Now don’t get me wrong there was a lot about praying. And specifically praying when you don’t think you should, or don’t feel you should.

The chapters in this book are:
About Fr. Damien
Part One Crisis.
1 The Prayer of Desperation
2 Grabbed by the Throat
3 What Do We Mean by God?
4 The Set-Aside Prayer
Part Two Death: To Our Old Ideas and Supposed Unlovability 
5 “Stay Awake!”.
6 Where Two or More Are Gathered in My Name
7 I Call You Friends .
8 Go to Your Room and Pray in Secret
9 Let Him Who Is without Sin Cast the First Stone .
Part Three Resurrection: Getting Radically in on New Life
10 You Cannot Serve Both God and Mammon
11 Tempted in the Desert
12 Store Up Your Treasure in Heaven.
13 Unless a Grain of Wheat Fall to the Ground
About the Author

The author writes from personal experience. And it is experience that is very different than the road most of us will walk. But heathers vulnerability, openness, and transparency about her own struggles and the way her own prayer life has changed and progresses serve as an example to us all. It serves as an example of not just wanting prayer in our life, but about walking the walking. Growing prayer as part of our life, day in and day out. About waling prayer.

This was my introduction to the writings of Heather King. But it will not be the last. The writing style is very engaging. It is easily accessible. I really enjoyed this book and immediately though of a few friends who would enjoy it and a few others who would really benefit from reading it. So sometimes when you get what you are not expecting it is exactly what you need, and that is how I feel about this book!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

Books by Heather King:
Holy Desperation: Praying as If Your Life Depends on It
Parched: A Memoir
Shirt of Flame: A Year with St. Therese of Lisieux
Redeemed: A Spiritual Misfit Stumbles Toward God, Marginal Sanity, and the Peace That Passes All Understanding
Stumble: Virtue, Vice, and the Space Between
Stripped: Cancer, Culture, and the Cloud of Unknowing
Loaded: Money and the Spirituality of Enough
Holy Days and Gospel Reflections
Devil's Hoof

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Mystery of the Honeymoon - Manuel Alfonseca - The Sleuths of the Spanish Transition Book 4

The Mystery of the Honeymoon
The Sleuths of the Spanish Transition Book 4
Manuel Alfonseca


So far this year I have read five books by Manuel Alfonseca, and of those five four are from this series. I have greatly enjoyed these books and look forward to reading many more books by Manuel in the years to come. This specific series The Sleuths of the Spanish Transition has been wonderful to read. And this fourth volume just recently became available in English. I have really enjoyed this series, and was hoping there would be more books. The good news is there is a fifth book coming. The bad news is that is the planned end of the series.

This book is set several years after the first book in the series. Gonzalo has finished his studies. And as can be guessed by the title this mystery takes place during his and Vicky's honey moon. It seems that mysteries keep finding them. In this case as they are leaving for Paris on their honeymoon they are approached by Inspector Gutierrez, and he asks them the favour of delivering a package to an Inspector Lemoine. Gutierrez is pressed for time on a case and cannot wait for normal post, and does not trust a standard messenger. But he does trust the young couple who have helped solve some cases with him in the past.

From the moment they accept the little package things change. From someone trying to slip into their birth on the train, and an attempted purse snatching as they arrive at their hotel, to their new hotel room being ransacked while they are both out. They meet a rich British benefactor who appears to be helping them. They hear rumours about a master criminal. And all the while they find themselves deeper and deeper in the case and less on a honeymoon away together.

In this case both Gonzalo and Vicky need to use all their skills. Each of them have second languages and needs to carry on some of their conversations while traveling. Both must use all their reasoning to piece together the clues, especially once they are separated. They need to solve the mystery before they become either the next victims or take the blame for the crimes. 

This was another really fun read. And I eagerly anticipate book 5. This book is available in English and is translated by the author himself. I still wish and hope that the series will be extended beyond the current 5 planned and penned volumes. They are great clean fun mysteries to read! 

I continue to stand by my statement that if you are a fan of Coelho, Marquez or Saramago you owe it to yourself to give this author a try! And if you are not fans of those three buy love a great adventure or mystery novel, give this series a go, they are great reads and I am sure you will not be disappointed! I must state clearly that I highly recommend this whole series, and specifically this book.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

Books by Manuel Alfonseca in English:
Descent into the Hell of Venus
Jacob's Ladder
Under an Orange Sky
The History of the Earth-9 Colony
The Ruby of the Ganges
The Last Dinosaur
Ennia in Faerie
The Heirloom of King Scorpion
Beyond the Black Hole
The Water of Life

The Sleuths of the Spanish Transition Series:
Quetzalcoatl's Zahir

The Mystery of the Haunted House
The Mystery of the Sapphire Bracelet
The Mystery of the Honeymoon
The Mystery of the Egyptian Vulture Country House

Chronicles of the Magic Jigsaw Puzzle Series:
The Journey of Tivo the Dauntle
The Mystery of the Black Lake
The Silver Swan
The Secret of the Ice Field

Human Cultures & Evolution
World Population: Past, Present, & Future

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Shadow of a Pug - Casey Lyall - Howard Wallace, P.I. Book 2

Shadow of a Pug
Howard Wallace, P.I. Book 2
Casey Lyall
Sterling Children's Books
ISBN 9781454919551

eISBN 9781454919964

I read this book immediately after reading book 1 in the series, Howard Wallace, P.I., I read both books over the span of three days. In fact I could hardly wait, I had bought the eBook of this volume before I had even finished book 1. I must admit I picked up a signed copy of book 1 at the launce. But being a physical book it sat on my bed site table for almost a year. Twice I picked it up, did not finish a chapter and put it down. But once I had the eBook I just could not stop. 

With my dual form of dyslexia I never read much as a child, it was only after grade 8 that I became an avid reader. And then in university I did two different children's lit courses. And through those fell in love with middle grade and young adult books. I have a few criteria for what makes a book great, first is did it have an impact on me, second is can I immediately think of people who would enjoy reading it, and third do I want to read it with my kids either now or when they are older. This book hits solidly on all three scales. 

Much like book 1 I believe that this book is well written. The text is tight. It is a great read for the middle grades or tweens. I have started reading this series with my oldest and already have plans to read it with my middle child early next year. In my review of book 1 I stated that:  "in many ways it reads like a young Spencer for Hire. Or like Mike Hammer in print. Reading this book took me back to my own days in school, but also when I was older and started watching detective TV shows with my father." And that statement is even truer with book two. I love he characters and their relationships. Casey does an amazing job of capturing interpersonal dynamics between the friends, and the former friends. She captures the change in relationships when people go through status changes, and move social groups at school. It also does an excellent job of capturing what can happen when we keep secrets from those we care about. And teaches a bit about learning to unlearn our preconceived notions and mend burnt bridges. 

In some ways this book and series is The Great Mistake Mysteries from Sylvia McNicoll. Both are set in smaller Canadian towns. Both involve children who are on the outside at school. Both involve mysteries and children trying to solve them. And to be honest both are great reads. But in the book Howards quirks were chosen and created by him as a way of coping, where Stephen Nobel's are more of an anxiety disorder issue.

Our cast in this volume really expands. We have the main two from book one, but also the whole basketball team, members of the drama and music clubs, the reporter from the school newspaper, and the captain of the opponents to the basketball team. And of course a missing mascot.

This was a book I could hardly put down. I read it while walking to the bus. I read it while on the bus to work, and I read it on my coffee breaks and lunch at work. It is a wonderful read that I look forward to sharing with my children and someday hopefully grandchildren. And to be honest I hope we see more of the Wallace and Mason Investigative team!

Books by Casey Lyall:
Inky's Great Escape: The Incredible (and Mostly True) Story of an Octopus Escape

Howard Wallace, P.I. Series:

Howard Wallace, P.I.
Shadow of a Pug


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Another Old Den Circa 2003 - A Photo Essay

Another Old Den Circa 2003

This is another of my old den's form when we were first married. 

These are the other room in the same apartment from prior to our wedding. 

Monday, 13 November 2017

The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard - David A. Goodman

The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard
David A. Goodman
Titan Books
ISBN 9781785654657

Last year I read and reviewed ‘The Autobiography of James T. Kirk’ and greatly enjoyed it. So when I found out that a new volume on Picard had come out it was a must read. Now I must admit, growing up I was a huge Kirk fan, I remember watching the animated series and the original series in syndication. By the time The Next Generation came out was late high school and early university. So my watching was not as consistent. And to be honest I felt a greater pull to Riker or Worf. And yet that being said going back and reading this book was like stepping back in time, and reminded me of a younger me, and a different time and place in my life. I could picture myself at Skydome in Toronto watching the series finale on the Jumbotron. So in part this book was like a trip down my own memory lane, let alone the journey through Picard’s past.

I would say that in many ways this book was even more of a surprise then the one written about Kirk. There are some stories in this book that were alluded to in the series, and some that are new material. Overall it presents a very different man then I remember. Some of the stories regarding his relationships with his father and his brother we as startling as they were revealing. His initial failure on his entrance exams to Star Fleet Academy was a big surprise. It is interesting to watch the growth and progress as he moves up the command chain, and his years of service before commanding the Enterprise. Seeing some of his relationships that were successes and those that came back to haunt him.

The writing is done very well. It has that dry wit that we would expect from Picard. And yet it is open and vulnerable in places revealing the man within the captain’s uniform. You can easily hear Picard’s voice through the text of this book. And as such it is very enjoyable read. But as much as I enjoyed this I can only home it is the beginning of a long series, I would eagerly read volumes on Sisko, Archer, Janeway, even Work, Riker or Data who all became captains in their own right. Or even going back and doing one on Pike would be of great interest. A great read for any fan of Star Trek The Next Generation, or really any Trek fan who just wants a peak inside the mind and heart of Captain Jean-Luc Picard!

Books by David A. Goodman:
The Autobiography of James T. Kirk
The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard

Sunday, 12 November 2017

20 Answers Atheism - Matt Fradd - 20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers

20 Answers Atheism 
20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers
Matt Fradd
Catholic Answers Press

ISBN 9781938983528
eISBN 9781938983542

This fall three new volumes were released in this great series. There are now a total of 26 books in the 20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers. And I have read 23 of the 26. If the 23 that I have read 19 received 5/5 stars rating.  When I first looks at this title an old story from my days in university, I had a friend who was in Campus Crusade for Christ, one Christmas on the bus home from school he met a guys and was having a discussion. The gentlemen said he was an atheist, so my friend told him he was in the bible, the guy asked how and my friend quoted Psalm 14:1 'Only fools say in their hearts, "There is no God."! And off began a discussion that lasted a very long bus ride. Now I do not believe that approach would work with most atheists, especially extremely militant ones. But this book will give you a good starting point in how to handle that sort of conversation! But my friend who was mentioned earlier who was a philosophy major would likely skim this book and find it wanting. This book is a good jumping off point, but unlike many topics covered in the 20 Answers Series, this one really does need a much deeper study than this booklet can provide. Fortunately there is a resource section at the end of the book. But that section is website heave and short on book recommendations. 

Speaking of sections, the 20 questions answered in this volume are:

1. Atheism is not a positive proposition, so it does not have to be proven. The burden of proof is always on the theist.
2.  can't prove atheism because it is impossible to "prove a negative." To do that, I would have to know every single thing in reality and demonstrate that none of these things is God. That's humanly impossible.
3. Christians sometimes argue that God is the basis of morality. But can't an atheist be just as good a person as a believer?
4. How can God exist when religion is the number-one source of hatred, intolerance, and violence in the world?
5. Religious believers don't care about people on earth because they are so focused on heaven.
6. Isn't it arrogant for you to think that your views are the correct ones and that everyone else is wrong?
7. How can we believe in God without scientific proof?
8. What about evolution? Isn't that a scientific theory that contradicts the existence of God?
9. Doesn't the theory of evolution contradict the creation story in the book of Genesis?
10. You theists say that since everything needs a cause, there must be a God. But if everything needs a cause, then God does too, right?
11. Could God create a rock so heavy that even he could not lift it? Whether the answer is yes or no, it proves that the idea of an omnipotent God is self-contradictory.
12. How can you believe in an all-powerful and all-loving God in the face of so much evil in the world?
13. Why would a God of love and mercy condemn people to hell?
14. Why is God such a cold-hearted judge in the Old Testament and more of a "pacifist" in the New Testament?
15. The only reason you're a Christian is because you were born in the West. If you were born in another part of the world, you'd believe in a different God-or no God at all.
16. Faith has been defined as "believing without seeing." Doesn't that make faith irrational?
17. Okay, then, so what evidence is there for God's existence?
18. Maybe God does exist, but that doesn't mean that Christianity is true.
19. Many different religions tell myth stories, some of them about dying and rising gods. Isn't Jesus just a spinoff of these pagan myths?
20. How can I decide about God's existence if I'm not sure?

The introduction of this book concludes with:
"I have a lot of sympathy for people who don't believe in God. I used to be in that position myself, and for a long time no one gave me good answers to the questions and concerns I had. But I have since discovered that there are good answers-that there are good arguments for God's existence.In the pages that follow, we will look at twenty common questions and objections that atheists pose-that I used to pose-and offer solid theistic answers. Whether you are an atheist, an agnostic, or a believer, it's my sincere hope that this booklet will help you as you study the issue of God's existence.After all, there is no bigger question."
And the book lives up to that goal. It really is a good jumping off point. But there is a big difference between agnostics and true atheists. This book bundles them together and I believe it would have been better served if they had been separate volumes. Overall I would say it is a good read, but not one of the best in the series. (But there is a lot of competition in that regard!) 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

Note 2: Currently this series of books is being offered at a greater than 50% discount so get it while you can. That is right you can get all 26 physical books or all 26 eBooks for just $39.95! If you want a way to go deeper this year give this series a try! 


20 Answers Series:
20 Answers Abortion - Trent Horn
20 Answers Angels & Demons - Fr. Mike Driscoll
20 Answers Atheism - Matt Fradd
20 Answers Death & Judgement - Trent Horn
20 Answers Divorce & Remarriage - Jim Blackburn
20 Answers End of Life - Jason Negri
20 Answers Faith & Science - Trent Horn
20 Answers God - Trent Horn
20 Answers Islam - Andrew Blezad
20 Answers Jehovah's Witnesses - Trent Horn
20 Answers Mary - Tim Staples
20 Answers Miracles - Karlo Broussard
20 Answers Mormonism - Trent Horn
20 Answers Salvation - Jimmy Akin
20 Answers Scripture and Tradition - Jim Blackburn
20 Answers The Bible - Trent Horn
20 Answers The Eucharist - Trent Horn
20 Answers The Papacy - Jim Blackburn
20 Answers The Real Jesus - Trent Horn

20 Answers The Church - Trent Horn
20 Answers Witchcraft & the Occult - Michelle Arnold
20 Answers Apparitions & Revelations - Michael O'Neill
20 Answers Bible Prophecy - Jimmy Akin
20 Answers Homosexuality - Jim Blackburn
20 Answers The Reformation - Steve Weidenkopf
20 Answers The Sacraments - Fr. Mike Driscoll

Other Books from Catholic Answers:
Hard Sayings: A Catholic Approach to Answering Bible Difficulties - Trent Horn
A Daily Defense: Apologetics Lessons for Every Day - Jimmy Akin
The Apostasy That Wasn't: The Extraordinary Story of the Unbreakable Early Church - Rod Bennett
Answering Atheism - How to Make the Case for God with Logic and Charity - Trent Horn
Persuasive Pro Life: How to Talk About Our Culture's Toughest Issue - Trent Horn and Fr Frank Pavone
The Protestant's Dilemma: How the Reformation's Shocking Consequences Point to the Truth of Catholicism - Devin Rose
Behold Your Mother: A Biblical and Historical Defense of the Marian Doctrines - Tim Staples
Handed Down: The Catholic Faith of the Early Christians - James L. Papandrea
Demons, Deliverance, Discernment: Separating Fact from Fiction about the Spirit World - Fr. Mike Driscoll
Navigating the Tiber: How to Help Your Friends and Family Journey Toward the Catholic Faith - Devin Rose
100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura - Dave Armstrong
The Drama of Salvation: How God Rescues You from Your Sins and Brings You to Eternal Life - Jimmy Akin
The Truth is Out There (Brendan and Erc in Exile Book 1 - Brother Amadeus and Amadeus
...Memorize the Reasons! Defending the Faith with the Catholic Art of Memory - Kevin Vost
Marching Orders: A Tactical Plan for Converting the World to Christ - Dan McGuire

The Fathers Know Best - Jimmy Akin
Why We're Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope, and Love - Trent Horn
The Old Evangelization: How to Spread the Faith Like Jesus Did - Eric Sammons

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Remembrance Day 2017 - Thank you

Remembrance Day 2017

Thank you to all the men and women who have served. May we always remember and honour your service and your sacrifice! To the families who have lost members either in the field of battle or who came home changed, thank you. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Nicholas Gilroy: Our Lady and the Guardian - Father Stephen and Deacon George

Nicholas Gilroy: Our Lady and the Guardian
Father Stephen
Deacon George
Archway Publishing
ISBN 9781480844872

At the writing of this review I have read over 300 books so far this year. Of those 300 about a third are fiction, and about half are Catholic books. And this was an excellent book as both a Catholic novel, and as a fiction read. With Catholic fiction I tend to break it down into different categories; first are books by Catholic authors, second we have books with Catholic themes or elements, and third we have books that the faith or one or more character or the main plot focuses around an element of Catholicism. Because of that sometimes it is very hard to narrow down where a book fits. But this book fits into a number of slots and also defies some. First it is written by a priest and a deacon. Also the story focuses around a young man, Nicholas Gilroy, who is in Saint Peter’s High School Seminary to discern his vocation. The book is marketing as Young Adult, but really it is a novel for anyone who enjoys a good story.

I actually finished reading this book almost 2 months ago, but because it was a book that really got me thinking I held off writing my review. I gave it a solid 5/5 stars. And from early on there was no doubt that the book would get a good rating. It was very hard to put down while reading. The lingering questions I had after reading the book were will there be more Nicholas Gilroy books? Will we follow him through seminary and into the priesthood? Or maybe will we get a story focused around Adam?

Nicholas has felt the call to the priesthood since he was in grade 1. Now 14 years old he is enrolled at Saint Peter’s High School Seminary to help him discern if the priesthood is really his calling. Nicholas meets Jose on his first day because of a comment on the rosary that is in his hand. His roommate Luke and their senior student advisor Gabe. He also develops a close friendship with Michael an all-American football player. Things at school are going well even with the heavy load. But then Nicholas signs up for the after-school program to help tutor children in the inner city. At first things goes well as well, and then he finds out that the older brother of the girl he is tutoring is in a street gang and all of a sudden Nicholas and his friends find themselves at risk and in danger. But this adventure could change him forever.

This book provides a lot of back story, the first part of the book really sets up what life in a minor seminary is like. What the students dad to day life is like. The activities, school work, sports and volunteer work. But once the gangs are introduced the pace of the novel really picks up. So much ground work is laid in this book that I really hope it is the first in a series. It is a wonderful read and I would eagerly read another adventure with Nicholas, Adam, or set at Saint Peter’s High School Seminary.

The style of this story is what I call realistic fiction. It could have happened, it might have happened. And it is a good clean fun read.

I believe the book is the first published novel by either Father Stephen or Deacon George. Extensive online searches have not turned up any others. And as a first novel it is very well written and polished. But I would expect that from educators. Both have taught at Catholic schools, Fr. Stephen Gemme taught history and social studies at the high school level and Deacon George taught science, math, and religion in the middle grades.

This book was a wonderful read and I look forward to more from the authors!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2017 Catholic Reading Plan!

Books by Father Stephen and Deacon George:
Nicholas Gilroy Series:

Nicholas Gilroy: Our Lady and the Guardian