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A Year of Reading Intention - Catholic Reading

A Year of Reading Intention - Catholic Reading

Over the years I have read some absolutely incredible books on living my faith. A mix of Catholic and non-Catholic authors. I have been reading a number of great books but keep jumping around and have numerous books on the go currently. I usually have very focused reading for Advent 2015 and Plans for Lent 2016, but I thought I would build out more of a plan for the year. So it will be a year of reading intentionally. I have just gone through my Kindle, Kobo and Google Play book apps to see what I have on the go or have and want to read. These are the books that are my goal for getting through this year. So in alphabetical order here are the books I plan to make it through this year:

Innitial List: 
21 Undeniable Secrets of Marriage, The - Allen Hunt
A Man Cleansed by God - John E. Beahm
Be A Man - Fr. Larry Richards
Be Holy A Catholics Guide to the Spiritual Life
Behold The Man - Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
Rediscover Jesus - Matthew Kelly
Catholic Book of Character, The - Fr. Edward Garesche
Catholics Wake Up - Jesse Romero
Christian Self-Mastery - Vasil W. Maturin
Church Militant Field Manual - Richard Heilman
Father The Family Protector - James B. Stenson
Four Signs of A Dynamic Catholic, The - Matthew Kelly
God Who Loves, The - Shane Kapler
God's World and Our Place In It - Fulton J. Sheen
Here and Now - Amy Welborn
Joseph of Nazareth - Federico Suarez
Life's Greatest Lesson - Allen Hunt
Light Along My Path - Jack Wintz
Live Well Today - Fr. Thomas Dailey
Memorize the Mass - Kevin Vost
Nine Words - Allen Hunt
Seven Saints for Seven Virtues - Jean M. Heimann
Sign of the Cross, The - St. Francis de Sales
The Epistle to the Hebrews - Shane Kapler 
The Joy Of the Gospel - Pope Francis
The Porch and the Cross - Kevin Vost
This Tremendous Lover - Eugene Boylan
World's First Love, The - Fulton J. Sheen

I am sure some others will get added over the year but the goal is to get through at least these, but not just to read them to apply them and live the principles. I am part way through a number of these but it will work out to about a book every 2 weeks to get through the list.

Added by recommendation or from other reading:
A List that grows out of this year's readings and recommendations:
40 Years with a Saint: - Alvaro del Portillo and Cesare Cavalleri
33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Marian Consecration - Michael E. Gaitley
A Friar's Tale - John Collins
Behold Your Mother - Tim Staples
Basic Field Manual for Hearing God's Voice - Philip Kosloski
Divine Mercy Explained - Michael E. Gaitley
Divine Mercy Image Explained - Michael E. Gaitley
Every Man's Journey - James P. Campbell 
God or Nothing - Cardinal Robert Sarah
Good Use of Time: 11 Principles to Live By - Rafael Tomás Caldera
How God Hauled Me Kicking and Screaming Into the Catholic Church - Kevin Lowry
Hope for Hard Times - Scott Hahn
How To Book of Catholic Devotions, The Second Edition - Mike Aqulina and Regis J. Flaherty
Fulton Sheen's Wartime Prayer Book 
The Long View - Matthew Kelly 
Resisting Happiness - Matthew Kelly
Made for More - Curtin Martin
Our Father - Sabrina Bus and Xavier Deneux
Hail Mary - Sabrina Bus and Xavier Deneux
Navigating the Interior Life. Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God- Daniel Burke and Fr. John Bartunek
Into the Deep: FInding Peace Through Prayer - Dan Burke 
A Shepherd in Combat Boots - William Maher
Your Life in the Holy Spirit - Dr. Alan Schreck
Stress-Proof Your Marriage - Cory and Heidi Busse 
Soul, Mind and Heart - Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan
Speaking to the Heart - Stephen Gabriel 
Real Mercy - Jacques Philippe
Saint Augustine in 50 Pages - Taylor R. Marshall
Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages - Taylor R. Marshall 
Three Methods of Prayer That Will Change Your Life - Philip Kosloski
Truth Be Told - Mark Hart
The Life God Wants You to Have - Gregory K. Popcak 
Understanding the Mass: 100 Questions, 100 Answers - Mike Aquilina
Why Am I Here - Matthew Kelly

Lent Reading:
Lenten Meditations with Fulton J. Sheen
Rediscover Lent - Matthew Kelly 
Sacred Reading for Lent 2016 - Douglas Leonard
40 Days, 40 Ways A New Look At Lent - Marcellino D'Ambrosio
2016 Magnificat Lenten Companion - Magnificat
Living Faith Lent 2016- Terence Hegarty
Welcome Risen Jesus - Sarah A. Reinhard

Advent Reading:

Audio Resources:
Light In The Darkness - Patrick Lencioni
Life Changers - Greg Willits
Becoming the Best Version Of Yourself - Matthew Kelly
Don't Just Try, ... Train - Matthew Kelly   

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Julie Evett said...

You really must read some Richard Rohr or Ronald Rolheiser ( "Our One Great Act of Fidelity")John Shea is excellent on the Sunday Liturgy ( "The Spiritual Wisdom of the Gospels" is a series of four, according the the church liturgy cycle).

Julie Evett said...

You really must read some Richard Rohr or Ronald Rolheiser ( "Our One Great Act of Fidelity")John Shea is excellent on the Sunday Liturgy ( "The Spiritual Wisdom of the Gospels" is a series of four, according the the church liturgy cycle).

Steven R. McEvoy said...

Julie I have read them in the past and appreciate the suggestions. Will check out John.