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Hot Yoga - Some Like It Hot Hot Hot

Hot Yoga - Some Like It Hot Hot Hot

My first experiences with Hot Yoga, but first some back story. Hot Yoga, people either seem to love it or hate it, and some even fear it. I had heard horror story after horror story about people's first experience with hot yoga. Tam Hamilton the triFit consultant at work recommended I try it as a treat for myself. I had done almost 200 days straight of DDP Yoga and am working on my certification as a Level 1 DDP Yoga Instructor and was looking to try something different. And yet even with a little fear something in me really wanted to try Hot Yoga. I was given the introductory month at Moksha Waterloo as a Christmas gift but with work projects and travel did not activate it for almost 2 months. As of the writing of this post I have been 10 of the last 11 days. I have loved it from the first seconds on the mat in the heat. I love the heat and the practice. Moksha Waterloo currently has 17 different classes in their offerings and offer 44 classes a week. I am trying to attend at least one of each of the 17 different classes and one class by each of the 18 instructors who are active this month. To be honest I love it the first 10 classes were amazing. In some ways so similar to the DDP Yoga I have been doing since last summer and in some ways it is a different world. I will defiantly keep coming back for Hot Yoga. From what I have seen my first weeks of practice and over the last 4 months popping in and getting supplies Moksha Waterloo is an amazing community and place to hang out. But now to my first experience with hot Yoga.

So now on to my personal experience on the mat in the heat. My first class of Hot Yoga was a little intimidating. I had been by the studio on a number of occasions over the last 6 months checking out mat's and mat carries and other supplies. I had stopped by and asked some questions and even went for a tour of the studio before taking a class. That first Hot Yoga class I must admit I was nervous. I did not know if I could take the heat, and up until now most of my Yoga practice had been at home alone to DVD's. I was worried that I would try it, hate it and never use my unlimited month again. I could not have been more wrong. My first class was overwhelming for a number of reasons. First it was on a holiday so the studio had a reduced schedule. I went to the first offered class of the day and it was a full class of 50 students. Combine that many bodies with the heat and first time and yeah I had concerns. But I took my place on my mat in corpse pose and closed my eyes and did some deep breathing waiting for class to begin. In the 10 minutes I was in the studio before class began I build a good sheen of sweat up, especially on the knees and legs. Once class started and was flowing I became more comfortable. I knew and had done most of the postures. Of the 40 postures there were only three I had never done, eagle pose, powerful pose and wind relieving pose. When the teacher announced middle Savasana or Corpse Pose I could not believe the class was half over. At the end of class I wash it was still going and felt I could go longer. I made a few mistakes in preparing for class. My first mistake was using a new Manduka Pro - Black Ember Mat that was less than a week old and it got very slippery. I should have stuck with my older and broken in Black Mat Pro. But deciding to stick it out I have taken to using a towel over my mat. During the Hot Yoga classes I sweat, I sweat a lot. On average I lose 3.5lbs per class even with drinking a 650ml bottle before class and during. I take a second towel to be able to wipe my face but only do so when it is running in my eyes. I also take off my glasses during class so only really see shapes and movement. I did not want to be the dirty old man in class only gawking at girls. I am there to practice and learn. The room is usually available at least 15 minutes before class starts. I like to be in the room as early as possible to warm up before starting the session. I lay and prepare, deep belly breathing, prayer and meditation. I often pray the rosary in my head while waiting for class to begin. The Moksha class is a sequence of 40 postures. The Moksha Flow class can be the same sequence as a flow or can have a variety depending on the teacher. But I will write another piece dedicated to my month at Moksha Waterloo soon. I can however state I am a fan of the Hot Yoga.

Every time I walk out of the studio I feel energized, calmed and centered. I come from a long line of Irish Catholics and Scotch Presbyterian's, I think every adult I knew growing up had a temper and could fly off at the cuff. I was becoming the same way. In the weeks I have been attending nearly daily I have found changes already. A greater balance and focus. Friday night when I came out from the Moksha with live music I was blissed out. The last time I felt that centered was on a 4 day silent retreat at a Cistercian monastery a number of years ago. So if you have not tried Hot Yoga give it a go it just might be for you!

Note: Moksha Yoga Canada = Modo Yoga International

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